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A software for lotto5 games. It is a powerful in analytics and filter. The operation is very easy
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9 December 2010

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Lotto is a famous National Lottery System which originated in the UK. Various kinds of lottery systems exist today in almost every country and investment in lottery is usually considered to be high risks, high return avenue and many people have the habit of investing in lottery schemes periodically in expectation of large winnings in a snap. The typical lottery works on a pooling system where the winnings are invested from the investors money pool. In order to gain the confidence of players, the system has to be fair and transparent in deciding the winners, generally 1-3 in number. PowerLotto5 v.1.22 is a powerful software for such uses.

PowerLotto5 by PowerLottoSoft is a shareware program especially made for the lotto 5 games. The powerful program has a number of full proof analytic utilities and filtering capabilities for appropriate managements of lotto lottery schemes. The program has a fully featured and exhaustive record for the previous lottery draws and spans the records of five countries including Spain, UK, USA, Australia, France and Canada among others. The program has the capabilities for base as well as advanced analysis where base analysis includes over twenty parameters in grid like average, sum, prime type, big type, remainder, serial digit, AC value etc. and advanced analysis including displays the characters of the draws and previously recorded state. Apart from this, you can also see the trends of drawings with the trend analysis and perform other interpretations by doing statistical and frequency analysis. For finally selecting the lottery draws, the program has a number of filters for fairly selecting the winners.

Overall, PowerLotto5 v.1.22 is a powerful application which offers simplified functionality even to a rookie user and comes with lot of analysis capabilities, so you can make the procedures fast and efficient. Hence, it receives a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

PowerLotto5 is a software especially for lotto5 games. It is a powerful in analytics and filter. The operation is very easy for all the lotto5 game player. It is the just tool to save your time and money. With the help of PowerLotto5, you can do a lot of filters that are impossible for hands calculation.
1. Exhaustive previous draws for select 5 modal lottery around the world. It includes the lottery game in USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada, Spain and so on.
2. Perfect function in analysis
1) Base analysis: Shows more than 20 parameters in grid. Such as sum, average, odd type, big type, prime type, same digit, serial digit, remainder, AC value. 2) Advanced analysis: Shows the draw's characters and its historic state.
3) Statistical Analysis:
4) Trend line Analysis: Show the trend of draw characters by lines.
5) Frequency Analysis: Shows the frequency of draw characters.
3. Powerful function in filter. There are tens of filters in the software for draw selecting. With these filter, you can select draws by the characters of numbers, sum, odd/even numbers, big/small numbers, prime numbers, AC value, serial numbers and others. It can also kill the previous draws. This soft supports wrong permitting for each filter. The max permit wrong is also provided.
Software Features:
Spend Less Time: With its user-friendly interface, PowerLotto5 is simple and extremely easy to use for even a beginner. Using it can saving your time in draws selecting.
Spend Less Money: With PowerLotto5, you can reduce the count of numbers greatly. This can save a lot of money.
Powerful Properties: PowerLotto5 supports nearly all select 5 modal lottery around the world. About tens of filters and more than one hundred analysis are provided in it. By it, you can do a lot of filters that are impossible for hands calculation
Version 1.22
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